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Bluefin Tuna

Maine Bluefin Tuna fishing is a special experience that can truly test the limits of your tackle. These amazing migratory giants are some of the toughest fish in the ocean and very large, frequently well over 100 pounds with the biggest weighing in excess of 1200 pounds! These fish are long range pelagic migrating fish that literally circle the globe traveling massive distances in search of food and to spawn.

When fishing for Bluefin Tuna here in Maine, the tackle we use is very strong typically bent butt rods in the 80-130 pound class. Depending on the situation and where the tuna are feeding we use a couple of different fishing techniques to target these amazing fish. When they are on the surface chasing bait (an amazing thing to witness even if you aren’t catching them!), then we are typically live lining baits with kites on the surface. When the tuna are feeding deep, we go deep after them live-lining baits deep to keep them in the zone. If you are looking for to catch some of the biggest fish in the ocean, then a Maine Bluefin Tuna trip is for you!